UX & emotional designer

with empathetic approach in  Healthcare design.


Zhabiz Shafieyoun is a research scholar in design at IIT ID performing work in Health Care design. She received her PhD in design at Politechnico di Milano, Italy.  Zhabiz obtained both her BS and MA in industrial design from Art University of Tabriz, Iran, where she earned top honors, graduating first in her class.  She is experienced in teaching masters and bachelor candidates in emotional design and has acted as an advisor for a masters thesis.

Her dissertation addressed service design in healthcare centers with this title “Affecting Emotion Through Design, How Design Can Affect the Emotion of Waiting Time in Healthcare Centers”; the work examined based the emotional impact of context to develop methods to improve the experience (i.e. increasing positive and reducing negative valence). This experience is the user’s journey from entering till exiting the healthcare center. She developed a new Kansei Engineering method, namely “Flow Kansei Engineering”, based on principles of emotional design. The emotional experience is important because It not only affects the users psychologically but also it can contribute to the healing process. The work identified better methods ways to characterize user’s perception and emotional experience in healthcare centers.

Zhabiz has presented a Design Education workshop in Philadelphia, and has presented at conferences in Italy, Norway, Spain, France, Sweden and the USA. In addition to teaching and research, Zhabiz has industry experience in design and brand management, and she has worked within various sectors including Food, B2B, and Health Care Facilities.characterize user’s perception and emotional experience in waiting times.