Effect of visual Art in Patient Emotion in Waiting Area

User Experience during a painting exhibition in two hospitals in Itlay

Physical attraction and useful distractions use in waiting time in hospitals to decrease the perception of time and increase the quality of care (Arneill, 2002), (Hosking & Haggard, 1999). Visual art has been used in a hospital not only as a part of physical attractions but also as a useful distraction.

In May 2013, a special exposition of artworks, named “When Art meets Care”, was organized in the main reception and waiting hall of oncological center Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori (INT) in Milan – Italy and later in San Camillo Hospital (Rome- Italy) to Introduce the paintings of a Japanese Painter, Tetsuro Shimizu, who was also a patient of the INT Hospital.

This study has done in these two hospitals during and after the exhibition. We prepared a questionnaire based on Semantic Differential Method (SD) with 7- point empty spaces ranging 1-3 (not so good), 4 neutral and 4-7 (very good) to discover how much this exhibition can change the environmental effect of the waiting areas. Our study participated 200 patients. They filled the questionnaire during and after the exhibition in each hospital.

The result shows people are more agitated in the waiting room in INT during the exhibition and  two basic emotions, play and care are increased. Also, patient’s emotions do not change during and after the exhibition in San Camillo Hospital.

Therefore, the character of paintings as a visual art  and installation in the waiting room has a straightforward effect on patient’s  emotions.

This poster was published in 22th international HPH Conference, April 2014, Barcelona Spain


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