Emotional impact on user experience in Hospital

Improve the user experience in hospital with increasing seeking and care

Panksepp defines seven fundamental emotions, fear, rage , grief, seeking, care , play and lust. He says an emotion is the status deriving from the activation of specific neural circuits by a specific neurotransmitter (Panksepp, 2012). Neuroscientists believe, the human brain has three layers. The inner part (reptilian) which emotions arise in this part, mainly related to survival emotion such as seeking, fear, anger., the middle part, developed in mammals, which is related to maternal emotions, and the upper part (neocortex) is more related to rational and logic processes.

“Nothing is more complex, mysterious, and subject to conflicting theories and interpretations than human emotions” (Denzin, 2007).

Increasing seeking and care in the hospitals has a positive effect on user experience, in this poster you can see some example of design based on racing these two emotions.

This poster published in Crafting Future- 10th European Academy of Design Conference. April 2013

in Gothenburg University, School of Design and Crafts


  • Branding
  • Naming
  • Technology