We found the main reasons of long waiting time are not being on time and unpredictable patient. Unpredictable patient happen in face time. The right of patient does not let us to limit face time. Face time is the most precious time for patient and the reason of being in hospital. Not being on time happens in wait time and persuading patient to be on time is possible. Influence on patient can be a part of persuasive design. How can we effect on patient to change their behavior to be on time. User experience and changing behavior can help us.

Bonefish analysis is talking about causes and reasons of a problem. The Long Wait in the hospital which you see in the left part at the head of the fish is the main problem. I analyzed three levels of time in hospital, Flow time , Wait time and Face time. This analysis is based on my observation in more than one month and some literature reviews. The chart shows the main problem of long waiting

is unpredictable patient which is happening in Face time and patient and doctor both play a role in it. Not being on time is another cause which happen in Wait Time. Not being on time is not happening just because of patients delay it can be caused by something from the first step of the journey.

The duration of Face time will be changed based on the communication between patient and doctor, the type and the level of disease, age, disability, education and maybe sex and we call it unpredictable patient. Face time control is not easy. Patient should be satisfied when they leave the doctor’s office. They come to the hospital and spend all the time to achieve the Face time. Although we can not put a time limitation, we can think about a tolerance for this time. Not being on time is a cause with more potential to change.